Our goal is to slowly build a membership of highly motivated firefighters from around the Portland Metro area. Members must be true to one’s profession and agree to uphold the mission statement of the First Whip F.O.O.L.S and F.O.O.L.S International. It will be the duty and responsibility of all Chapter Members to adhere to all rules, Articles of Association, and characteristics set forth by the First Whip F.O.O.L.S, the F.O.O.L.S International, and the fire service.


  1. A new member must be sponsored by a current member in Good Standing and attend two (2) First Whip F.O.O.L.S events, prior to becoming a member; i.e. meeting, HOT class, or fundraiser.

  2. Members must register and make a $10.00 donation to F.O.O.L.S International.

  3. Membership Dues are $100 for the first year and $50 for each year after that.


Our meetings and training events are open to every firefighter in the Portland Metro area and we welcome visitors from other Chapters around the country. 

We hold a business meeting every quarter. The meeting are kept brief with a lecture or presentation to follow to facilitate the reason most of us became involved in this community- to spend time around other passionate and motivated firefighters.